SDL XPP is an industry-leading software solution and XML publishing engine that automates the composition and pagination of XML data and many other data sources, in formats such as PostScript, Adobe Acrobat PDF and ePub. You can also use SDL XPP to format other content, such as database feeds, SGML, XHTML, word-processing files or ASCII text while creating complex yet well-formed, rules-based pages. The software makes it possible to fully automate end-to-end publishing workflows, from receiving multi-sourced data to combining it into a complete deliverable. Automate your XML publishing process and create fast, quality outputs in any number of formats. 

SDL offers a broad range of courses designed to support and enhance the use of the SDL XML Professional Publisher (XPP) solution.

In addition to our standard training, we can customize training for your specific organization.

Recommended SDL XPP training paths

System Administrators
SDL XPP Fundamentals5 days
Server and XPP AdministratorsSDL XPP Administration1 day
UsersSDL XPP Tabular Essentials
1 day
Style DevelopersSDL XPP (9.3) CSS Style Development11hours (eLearning)

SDL XPP Fundamentals

This course participants will learn how to use the XPP user interfaces to navigate documents, work inside of documents and manage styles. This class will prepare participants to import XML, create and modify documents, start a style development project, use XPP libraries, work with XPP’s macro language and output to print and PDF. This is a broad introduction to XPP and a must for all business users.

SDL XPP Tabular Essentials

This course is for those who work with tables, such as statistical, technical and financial tables, participants will learn how to create and modify tables, apply standard tabular styles and override the styles on a table‐by‐table basis. Participants will also learn how to analyze and create tabular styles for efficient tabular production.

SDL XPP Administration

This course provides a review of the XPP server and client environment, including the software on the file system, third‐party software and touch points to the operating system, such as system variables and services and the XPP Administration tool. This is useful for server administrators and XPP administrators or super users.

SDL XPP (9.3) CSS Style Development

PLEASE NOTE: A variation on this course is available for XPP 9.2 Users.

This 11 hour, self-paced eLearning course is designed to give style developers an introduction into developing CSS style sheets for XPP. Topics will include an overview of XML, basic information about typographic and compositional concepts, XPP concepts, and rules and best practices for developing CSS style sheets within XPP. You should allow up to a further 8 hours to complete the practical tasks in the hands-on exercises that are an integral part of this course. 

Individual students will benefit most from this course if they have already been exposed to or worked with non-XPP page composition systems. Further benefits will accrue to those students who have experience with XML mark up, CSS, and/or experience as an operator or style developer using earlier non-CSS versions of XPP. The course will also be useful for students who have no background in the field although some of the non-CSS topics may require additional training. 

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