When Content Becomes Currency

SDL Solutions for Financial Services

The Future of Financial Services

Today's financial services organization is facing change at an unprecedented pace with new market players, new technology and forever changed customer demands.

SDL provides a new approach to address current and future requirements of forward-looking financial services companies, combining the best of digital content management, language technology and delivery.


For increased pressure to triple digital revenues, the answer lies in relevant, personalized experiences.

Secure & Compliant

With multi-billion dollar fines on the line, compliance is imperative in an evolving regulatory landscape.


Legacy systems see their end with new opportunities for customer lifetime value through cloud, business intelligence, analytics and CRM innovation.


The agile, mobile first, customer-lead FinTech organizations put traditional financial services under pressure to deliver customer-centric and dynamic experiences.

Protect Your Data

Your translations may be the hidden weak spot of your compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations. 

Our secure, on-premises or private-cloud machine translation solution ensures secure internal translations, providing employees with the convenience and benefits of a free translation tool, with peace of mind for security and compliance.

Content Solutions for Asset Managers


The world's leading financial services companies use our secure, agile, modular solutions to: 

  • Enable regulatory compliance
  • Reduce exposure to financial penalties
  • Reach and capture global audiences faster
  • Manage complexity and drive business value
  • Secure the translation supply chain
Investment Management


SDL’s automated translation for communication surveillance supports your organizations’ surveillance model across languages and data sources.


SDL solutions bring together distributed teams allowing you to leverage, reuse, customize and distribute content across channels, connecting content management, delivery and translation.


SDL web content management allows you to deliver relevant content based on customer preferences and trading patterns and enabling you to launch new websites, campaign sites or other digital experiences quickly.

Claims management

SDL's DITA-based content management makes the creation, maintenance and distribution of content simple, providing easier data referencing.

Digital experiences

SDL web content management enables you to deliver targeted content across touchpoints, fully integrating with your digital ecosystem.

GDPR compliance

With SDL Secure Translation, you benefit from a secure, vendor-agnostic managed solution with ISO 27001 compliance and a full chain of data custody.

Application approvals

SDL’s structured content solution for mortgage applications gives you ease of updates, searchable and consistent product and application documentation.

Global marketing

SDL services, technology and consultancy help you create and deliver scalable brand and product communication worldwide. SDL web content management delivers targeted content across touchpoints and channels.

Training and e-learning

The world’s largest financial institutions provide e-learning to their employees in more than 100 languages across file types and language management systems.


  • Trusted by 19 of the top 20 global financial organizations
  • Secure hosting and managed services designed for regulated industries
  • Publicly traded, profitable and stable organization
  • Integrated technology and translation services
  • Full control of the content lifecycle