Global Content Management for Industry 4.0

SDL Solutions for Manufacturing

Addressing Industry 4.0

Content and the customer experience are now an integral part of manufactured goods. From websites to device connectivity and from product information to support agility – each innovation places new demands on digital content. 

The manufacturing industry is under increased pressure to transform, adopting software best practices for agile content delivery on a global scale, connecting producers and customers through digital content.

For today's manufacturer, digital transformation means content transformation.

SDL is a founding member of the iiRDS Consortium

Unified Digital Experiences Across Touchpoints

SDL Tridion DX enables dynamic content management across the entire content lifecycle.

SDL Tridion DX enables you to create, manage and distribute engaging digital content, blending marketing content with product and service-led information through personal, contextually relevant experiences, supported by AI-driven personalization.
The open RESTful API integrates with your existing PLM, PIM, diagnostic, DAM, CRM and any other supporting applications. These integration points provide you with greater control over the entire content value chain.


The world's leading manufacturing companies use our secure, agile, modular solutions to: 

  • Create, translate and publish content globally.
  • Distribute content to any device.
  • Dynamically personalize content for the customer, product and use case.
  • Integrate with service organizations and technology.

Specialized Solutions

Customer Experiences
Digital Manuals
Global Communication
Software Localization
Aftersales Experiences

When searching for a new product, today’s buyer expects a more personal, tailored experience from pre-purchase through to purchase and support. Use SDL Tridion Sites to:

  • Personalize content based on profiles, browsing behavior and device.
  • Ensure brand & message consistency.
  • Automate translation management.
  • Deliver across channels.
  • Deliver optimized rich media content.

Our network of in-market transcreation experts adapts your communications to meet your market-specific requirements. 

We provide a range of stand-alone or integrated consultancy and content production services to optimize your budget and processes.

We do this by providing on-demand multilingual marketing support with specialized skills for digital delivery, video, subtitling, desktop publishing, transcreation, content production and web content management.

A leading-edge owner’s manual is tuned to a product's specific configuration, customer portal and mobile device. SDL Tridion Docs provides:

  • DITA-based structured content management.
  • Simultaneous shipment for product and service content.
  • Improved customer self-support.
  • Automated delivery across channels.
  • Integrated translation management support.

SDL Documentation Localization services provide quality translations at scale. We offer a variety of translation options for your documentation:

  • In-country linguists with local language, culture and subject matter expertise.
  • Post-edited machine translation services for high-volume text.
  • Translation productivity tools for brand, terminology & style consistency across documents.
  • DTP services for localized documents.

When you centralize your language translations with SDL, your translations are handled with a consistent and repeatable quality process, so your content stays accurate from one language to the next.

With more than 1,100 in-house translators, a pool of more than 12,000 tested and qualified freelance translators, and ISO 17100:2015 certification, SDL Language Services offer unparalleled capabilities for quality translation at scale.

Agile software development and localization are critical in the age of the connected device, requiring continuous updates, agile, secure and automated processes.

SDL Passolo streamlines and simplifies the software localization process with an easy-to-use, visual environment and agile-friendly project management workflows.

Aftersales and aftermarket business drives margins. SDL Tridion Docs manages product content to provide aftersales and field service personnel:

  • In-time availability of technical product information.
  • Up-to-date content for repair and maintenance procedures.
  • Personalized to the product configuration and the specific use case.
  • Workshop and product-related trainings.
  • Knowledge base content.

SDL Machine Translation and instant translation removes language as a barrier. Multilingual access to warranty claims, customer comments, internal reporting and internal communication through integrations with widely used internal applications prevent unnecessary escalations. 

SDL Integrations with our language technology provide instant translations for Salesforce and Microsoft Office applications, and can be extended to integrate with any help desk, chat, CRM, SAP and ERP application.


  • Personalized customer experience delivery for marketing and technical content.
  • Secure multilingual content management offerings.
  • Dedicated, in-house translators with manufacturing expertise.
  • Scalable, vendor-agnostic language management technology.
  • Full control of the content lifecycle.