SDL Instant Translation for Salesforce

Bridge the language gap with real-time multilingual collaboration for global sales and support


Bridge the language gap for sales, support and marketing

Everyday a huge volume of valuable content passes through Salesforce without being shared with colleagues due to language barriers. These virtual language silos prevent collaboration and the optimization of your global content and customer information. The SDL Instant Translation app allows your workforce to unlock that data, making global translation available in real time, on demand from within Salesforce.
Real-Time Tranlsation within Salesforce

Real-time translation

Instant global translations on demand when you need it most.


Advanced machine translation technology for an even greater level of localization automation.

Brand Consistency

Incorporates your company terminology for brand consistency as well as custom trained engines.

Universal use

No translations are stored or resaved back into Salesforce data meaning that the functionality can be applied to any Salesforce pages.

Salesforce partners supported

The SDL Instant Translation app is available for third parties to include in their own applications.

Any device, anywhere

The SDL Instant Translation app will provide a multi-channel experience for your workforce, available via browser, mobile or tablet.

Global sales teams

Colleagues working on opportunities against a single global account can see the full picture and identify synergies, dependencies and further opportunities.

Service agents

Agents can pass cases globally for escalations, remote subject matter experts or to ‘follow the sun’. Cases raised by end users in their own language can be triaged by 1st line Service agents who can route the case appropriately.

Global Colleagues

Chatter conversations involving 1 or more different languages can be translated instantly so you can understand what’s being said and respond in your own language.