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Getting started with S1000D

The S1000D specification is the industry standard for aerospace & defense technical documentation, but finding the right tools, services and training can be very challenging.

SDL Enable S1000D

Like many other technical publication professionals, maybe you’ve just been told to adopt the S1000D specification, or perhaps you’re not getting everything you need from your current solution.

So, now what do you do?

At SDL, we’ve developed a comprehensive, cost-effective and user-friendly program for training and deploying an S1000D production system using proven technology and services that:

  • Speeds Implementation time
  • Designed specifically for your program
  • Leverages the team you already have
SDL Enable: Everything you need to successfully launch S1000D learning environment.

Build a solution with the right tools and services

Using proven, innovative technologies and services is the only way to guarantee success.

SDL Enable S1000D leverages the S1000D Foundation Suite startup capabilities delivered with SDL Contenta S1000D and our SDL BREX Builder tool to get your program off to a great start. These are delivered with unique start-up services to help you quickly and easily build a solid foundation for any S1000D-based project.

Foundation Suite

Whether you’re new to S1000D or just working on a new S1000D project – Foundation Suite – included with SDL Contenta S1000D, can help you build a proper foundation for your technical data project. It’s also a powerful tool to support your quality goals, as it leads you through each step of the process and lets users automate specific tasks to eliminate manual errors.

  • Create, Extend, Manage a Standard Numbering System (SNS)
  • Create, Extend, Manage an Information Code set and Information Code variants
  • Define an Information Set for each publication
  • Create and manage a CAGE code list
  • Generate valid data modules with minimal effort

The capabilities found within the SDL Foundation Suite make it easier and faster than ever for you to adopt or start a new S1000D project.

SDL BREX Builder

Make sure your S1000D implementation is cost-effective and complies with the specification by addressing each and every Business Rule decision point.

SDL BREX Builder for S1000D issue uses industry best practices to streamline the business-rule creation process, ensuring the features of the specification are implemented correctly.

BREX Builder: Provide your team with a powerful tool to capture critical project decisions in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Expert training and project planning

This program is designed to provide the indispensable knowledge and tools needed to fully leverage the significant process and productivity improvements associated with the authoring, management and delivery of technical publications found within the S1000D specification. SDL Professional Services provides your team with training tailored for your initial production system. This enables users to better understand, and take advantage of, the feature-rich environment that you’ve built.