Automated PDF / Print Publishing

Quickly and easily create high-quality PDF / Print output with SDL XML Professional Publisher (XPP), the industry's premier XML publishing solution.

End-to-end publishing workflows

Automate the composition, pagination and publishing of XML data and many other data sources, into formats such as PostScript, Adobe Acrobat PDF and ePub with the SDL XPP software solution. When used as part of the SDL Contenta Publishing Suite, S1000D compliant PDFs can be created simultaneously with S1000D IETPs providing for true multi-channel delivery with unparalleled scalability and performance.

Automated publishing

SDL XPP provides the tools to automate manual processes, ensuring rapid turnaround, smooth input of text and graphics from multiple sources. SDL XPP provides quality output in a variety of languages with consistent branding.


Loose-leaf publishing

SDL XPP provides multiple composition options and changed-page management through a published-page database.


Composition controls

User-definable macros automate complex functions to provide extensive footnote capabilities, robust tabular and math composition, and multi-language hyphenation within a single document.


Key features of automated XML publishing

  • Multiple composition options 
  • Changed-page management 
  • Integrates into an XML workflow 
  • Feeds from databases, XML editors, CMS or structured word-processing files 
  • Import/Export XML data with CALS mark-up 
  • High-quality PDF or Postscript output 
  • Interactive editing 
  • Blacklining control 
  • Supports cascading style sheets 
  • Automatic hyperlinking 
  • Support 30+ languages 
  • Web Services API

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